Ever held a midnight easter egg hunt? Well, now you can, thanks to these little creatures!

You will need:

a pack of rainbow LEDs
a pack of CR 2032 batteries
some plasticine or Play-Doh
a plastic egg
googly eyes

First you need to look at your LED and look for the long leg. The long leg is the side of the LED that needs to touch the positive side of the battery. If you are not sure which side is long and which side is short, you can also look at the plastic bulb on top for confirmation. The short leg is joined onto the flat side of the bulb.

If you slide the LED over the battery the right way round, the bulb should light up. If you have the bulb the wrong way round it will not light up.

Once the bulb is working, use some tape to hold it onto the battery.

Press the tape down well, so that the bulb will not fall off.

Next, you will need a lump of plasticine or Play-Doh or a nonbranded modelling clay. (We're not fussy!)

Push the clay or plasticine into the bottom half of the egg.

Next, push the battery and LED combo into the clay so that it sticks up.

Check that the light stays on and that you have not moved the tape while you pressing into the clay. If the light has gone off, give the tape a squeeze to make the connection better.

Clip the lid of the egg on. If the light goes out when you do this, it might be that the tape has come loose when you were pushing the battery into the clay. Open it back up and squeeze the tape on firmly.

Use googly eyes to stick on the side of the egg.

Now you have a wobbly egg with personality! Try decorating the outside of the egg in different ways- perhaps you would like to make a unicorn, or give the egg some wacky hair!

If you do not have an egg, you could use the middle of a kinder egg or a similar capsule.Try hiding the eggs all over your garden and having a midnight egg hunt. As with midnight feasts, it doesn't have to be at exactly midnight, as long as it's dark.

Top tip: slide the LED off the battery when not in use, and store it inside the egg by jabbing it into the clay.

DO NOT EAT THE LIGHT UP EGGS, or put any part of them in your mouth. They are for looking at only.

To download this as a printable A4 sheet, click here.

Watch us making one on our YouTube channel