Our mini:mu glove kits are a great way of using an interest in crafting and music to get some sneaky coding in! We've been running workshops for a while now, and have now adapted them for the classroom.

In this first lesson we make the glove and wire it up - in our experience this can vary a lot based on the student's fine motor skills and experience of sewing, so we've put some tactics in to the plan to help with that.

To support you, there is a video on how to sew, wire, and test the glove here:


Download the lesson plan here (pdf)
Download the handouts in A4 landscape/mat layout here (pdf)

As with all our resources, if you would like them in an alternative format email us via the contact page.

DT GCSE - design brief / material management
Students should consider their own needs, wants and interests and those of others. Why a designer considers alterations to a brief and modifying the brief as required. The importance of planning the cutting and shaping of material to minimise waste.

Use a systematic approach to problem solving.