You will use the scroll:bit to show messages at different speeds and brightness.

What you need: a scroll:bit, a micro:bit, USB lead to transfer the code, programming device (e.g. laptop)

How to do it:

1. Go to MakeCode and click on the scroll:bit part of the menu. If you do not have the scroll:bit blocks installed, follow the guide here to install them.

2. Choose this command from the scroll bit menu, and drop it into the forever block.

3. Type “hello world” (or whatever you want your message to be) into the box between the quote marks.

4. Download your code and flash it onto the micro:bit by dragging the saved file onto the micro:bit file system, and watch your message scroll across the screen!


If you prefer, you could make it show the message when you press a button, e.g. display a message when you press A.

To save battery, how could you reduce the brightness?

Download an example of the code here:

Download pdf of the steps for use in the classroom

Click here for pdf of "scrolling text on the scroll:bit".