We're feeling festive, and so here's a quick activity you can do with two or more micro:bits, and one noise:bit.

You will need:
2 x micro:bit
USB cable and laptop/computer for programming
1 x noise:bit (or micro:bit with speaker attached)

What happens:
We made a a "sound catcher", which is a micro:bit hooked up to a speaker (in this case the noise:bit) and listening on channel 25 (because Christmas).

The activity is to program a micro:bit to send the right number for a particular note to the sound catcher, and in this way you can either play a tune using one micro:bit and lots of gestures, or many micro:bits using the same gesture.

If the sound catcher is on Channel 25, remember all of your senders must be on Channel 25 as well!

We made our senders play the tone locally as well as sending to louder speakers. You might want to make your senders display a picture of a note when they send a signal, or perhaps display the letter of the musical note they are triggering. Just replace the red "play tone" block.
Link to block code for the sound catcher is further down the page

The Challenges:
Can you play all of the notes using just one micro:bit to send the signals? How?
Can you form a bell-ringing group? Tape your micro:bit to a stick and shake the stick like you would ring a bell. You only need five of you to play Jingle Bells!
Could you have a different sound catcher on a different channel to add another octave to your notes?

The "music" for Jingle Bells:

You could add a bell that rings a double E (1/2 beats), or a single long E (2 beats)

The Code for the sound_catcher:

You can download the resources as a pdf here.