One of the things we get asked most is "how do you sign up for a schools discount?".

It's pretty straightforward and this post shows you how. We support direct payments and invoicing, so however your school payments are set up, we've got you covered.

Firstly, head to and click on the "create an education account" button on the right. If you're a hackspace, the process is similar!

This will take you to a short form. As you can see, we need a few details but not too many. VAT number is optional. Remember to pick Education as the type in the drop down menu.

One of the things I used to hate when I was a teacher was people ringing up at lunchtimes and breaktimes to sell you things. We ABSOLUTELY do not do that! The number is in case we can't reach you by email about your order, or in case a courier needs to contact you.

The next thing is to wait a little while we set up your account. On a weekend you might have to wait until Monday, but if it's during UK office hours it'll probably happen a bit quicker.

This is what you should see when you log in - search for products or use the menu on the left to browse.

When you've added items to your cart, you have two options - check out using a credit card or PayPal, or generate a quote which you can pass to the finance department / bursar at your school to raise a purchase order from. We'll then invoice them on our usual terms.

If you have any questions, email and we'll do our best to answer them!