Once upon a time, there was a techno-bear from the future who travelled through space and time just to say hi. Or maybe we thought that you needed another useful way of making yourself a conference badge. Either way, introducing... the new scroll:bit kit!

These kits are ripe for using in the classroom, with or without the bear - we have a number of activities you can use with the scroll:bit, as cards inside the kit, or as downloadable pdfs you can print out for use in the classroom. We've tested them out on code clubs, open days, festivals, and digital maker days, with school children of all ages (and adults too) so what you see is the culmination of that testing and improvement of our resources.

Each activity contains guidance, example code, and suggestions for expanding on that activity - we've found that creates an easy to follow baseline and enough extension work to challenge a wide range of abilities.

If you're allowed YouTube in the classroom, we have instruction videos for all of the activities on our YouTube channel - just look for the bit:kits playlist!

Suggested uses -

KS1 with adult assistance as an introduction to coding (particularly scrolling text and icon displays), KS2 independent (all activities), KS3 independent (all activities), KS4 independent (all activities for non CS students, end of term activities, challenge by converting to micropython).